Newbie Guide

Introduction:  FMA is a opensource software application which allows you to connect to your mobile phone from your PC. This document details how to install FMA, get it going and what you can do with it.
Presumptions:  This document was written for/by a Windows 2000 user with a SE T610 and a bluetooth dongle.
Downloading FMA 

First visit the sourceforge fma project site and download the latest version of FMA.

Run the installation package, follow the defaults and let it install. Assuming this goes okay, connect to the serial port of your mobile. (Typically under Bluetooth Neighbourhood)

** You will need to do this before hand, using your Bluetooth software, I'll try and expand on it at some other point.

Run FMA  A small phone icon will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your computer screen (next to the time/clock). This is FMA. If you put your mouse over the icon, it should say connecting then CONNECTED to and then your phone.

If you look at your phone display, you should see the small icons showing a bluetooth connection, and also see the words CarpeDi3m1687 displayed. This message means the more clever parts of FMA are installed.

Lets get started!  Okay, double click on the FMA icon on your PC screen. FMA should now open and you will see on the left hand side PHONE EXPLORER, which shows all the sections of your phone, like numbers, SMS messages etc.

Right, click on Phone Memory under CONTACTS, what do you see on the right-hand side of the screen? Nothing? That's right, basically that is because you have not yet synchronised your PC with your Phone, so lets do that now.

In the tool bar across the top of the screen you will see an icon that looks like two arrows one going left to right and one going right to left, this is the sync button, click it now.

A progress bar should come up on both your phone and the PC, you are now synching the contacts from the phone to FMA. When that finishes you should now see all your numbers in FMA.

Okay what's next? Lets look at SMS messages, so click on SMS text messages Inbox. Blank right, see that message to refresh? Lets do that, push F5 or click the refresh button,(its next to the X button in the toolbar) You should now see your text messages.

Okay right-click on one of the messages, look at the menu, look at what you can do, try them out... finished? Lets try the cool stuff.

Pick up your phone, go into the menu and go to connectivity (bottom left corner) Then accessories (at the bottom of the list) then fma see the list of apps, these are things you can now control with your phone (if installed of course). So lets try Winamp select Launch winamp, cool Winamp pops up on your PC. Select play and look it huh! Using the other menu options you can do most things in winamp now.

My personal fav' from this great feature is PowerPoint, load up powerpoint and a presentation. select PowerPOint on your phone and look you can start the slide show, move from slide to slide and all that good stuff! Using bluetooth you can be up to 10m away and not even worry about line of site like you would with an infrared remote.

What else is cool.... ahhh.... proximity features!!  Open FMA on your PC. Click on TOOLS then OPTIONS Click on the proximity tab and take a look. What does it mean? It means that when you walk away from the PC (with your phone) your PC can pop up the screen saver mute itself and wait for you to come back. Then when you come back it'll turn the sound back on. (Hopefully even more in later versions) Try it by clicking the TEST proximity button or wander off and see what happens.

So what else can we do? Explore your phone, you can look at all the photos you've taken and download them onto your PC, or upload them into your Phone from your PC. Same goes for Java apps/games and the like. Try it, you'll like it!!

Well, I hope this helps you get started, enjoy!