FMA Menu Guide

Introduction: FMA is a opensource software application which allows you to connect to your mobile phone from your PC.
This document details the various menu items in FMA, what they do and how to use them.
Presumptions: This document was written for/by a Windows 2000 user with a SE T610 and a bluetooth dongle.
It also assumes that you have the software installed and working, if not please see the newbie guide.

This menu Guide works from Right to left.

Menu: HELP Item: FMA on the Web This menu Item (and its sub items) takes you to the FMA website where this guide lives or the developers page on Sourceforge.
tem: About This brings up the About box for FMA, which is useful for telling you who wrote FMA etc and also (and perhaps more importantly) What version you are running, this is helpful if you have just applied one of the updates using dispatch.exe
Menu: TOOLS Item: Options This is where the various options for FMA are stored, well worth an explore.
Item: Options:
This tab shows you how FMA is connecting to your mobile phone. (For example mine is connected by Serial port 4)
Item: Options:

This tab shows the settings for communicating with your mobile. Some useful settings here are:

How foten FMA polls to see if your mobile is there and also what FMA should do on startup, such as refreshing the SMS messages or synchronise the address book. (I have both these ticked)

Item: Options:
Here we see basically what the popup windows behavior should be.
The other option here I found good is the minimise on clicking the 'X' tickbox, which stops you closing FMA completely if you close the application window.
Item: Options:
These options control things like whether your phones phonebook or the PC based phone book overwrite each other and if the phones clock should be updated from the PC clock. (I have the phones clock updated automatically)
Soon, it will have the options to sync with Outlook (Yipee!)
Item: Options:
Item: Options:
This is where the add-on scripts are identified, the CarpeDi3m1687 script is installed by default, it is great!
Item: Options:
Regional Settings
Item: Options:
These options hide various messages from FMA if you don't want to see them, say for example if you don't want to see the progress meter on connection/sync.
Item: Options:
Now this is Cool
This section allows you to tell FMA to do things when you wander off with your phone, for example muting the speakers and turning on the screensaver. When you return it could then turn the speakers(music) back on automatically!
Item: Edit Script Clicking this will open a Window with the script specified in the options within it. You can then edit this script to do new things.
I Wouldn't recomend playing here unless you are familiar.
Item: Edit Profile This is where you can change your phones profiles
Item: Edit Script
This shows you the name and basic setting for you present profile.
You can change the ring volumes, mute the lot and turn incremental ringing on and off.
Item: Edit Script
Here you can change other settings for your phones profile, such as backlight settings, answer mode, vibration mode.
Item: Test AT commands  
Item: FMA HOME Takes you to the FMA home page
Item: Esato :) Takes you to the terrific Esato webpage where you can find all sorts of goodies for your SE phone.
Menu: SYNC Item: Sync Phonebook Clicking this tells FMA to connect to your mobile and syncronise the phonebook, ie all your telephone numbers
Item: Sync Phone clock This syncronises the time on your phone with that on your PC
Menu: Action Item: Upload This opens a Window where you can browse your computers files to find things to upload to your phone. Examples would be pictures, audio recordings, and Java applications/games!
It is a really handy way of getting new things on your phone.
Item: New SMS Message Clicking this brongs up a box, where you can type SMS messages which will be sent via your phone. Very handy way of typing text messages.
Menu: View Item: Phone Explorer Explorer This shows or hides the phone explorer in FMA.
Item: Sync Log This brings up a box showing you when your phone has been synchronised
Menu: Connection      Item: Connect This will connect FMA to your phone (if it has not already done so)
Item: Disconnect The opposite of connecting
Item: Connect on Startup This is Handy!
Click this to toggle if you want FMA to automatically try and connect to your phone when you open FMA. (I have this turned on)
Item: AutoReconnect This will make FMA try to reconnect to your phone if it loses its connection. Again a toggle
Item: Abort This will try and stop FMA from connecting to your phone.
Item: Exit This will close FMA completely.

Created: 26 November 2003
Last Updated 26 November 2003 By: Lance Wicks
History: 26 November 2003 Document created, initial menu items added.