Hi Guys,

If you own a T610, K700, K750 or another Sony Ericsson and a computer, go out and buy yourself a bluetooth USB adapter (less than 40 US$), and go to the source forge website and download the latest version of FMA and its associated programme float's media control. It's available as free software.

This is what you can do with FMA:

1. Ordinary things like browse through the files in your cellphone, and transfer files to and from the cellphone (pictures, themes and midi files). Midi songs are small files. You can send a certain number of them to the phone, and use a hands free set to listen to music while on the move.

2. Write your SMS from the computer and send them. This is an advantage since it is easier to write from a computer keyboard. Also receive your SMS directly to your computer. Save your old SMS in the harddisk for later reference.
To send and receive SMS, you don't need to press any button on the cell phone. You just leave it in its corner, and you do everything with your computer.

3. Make and receive calls from your computer. You must of course have a headphone, and enable audio gateway on your bluetooth programme. If you have pictures of your friends, you can link them with their phone number, so that when they call you or when you call them, you see a small semi-transparent window pop up with their picture. I like this feature. You can record the conversation in your hard disk if you want. Again, no need to press anything on your phone. Just leave it alone.

4. Organise your phonebook in the computer (again, it is easier to do it on a computer keyboard), and synchronise with the phone. If you have your phonebook in Microsoft outlook, this is how you can import it to FMA: with the programme that came with your phone (XTND connect), you synchronise your cellphone with outlook, and then you synchronise your phone with FMA. You then edit the phonebook with FMA, add pictures and customised ring tones to your best friends numbers, and synchronise with your phone. This works very well, believe me. FMA writes a log that tells you which changes were made to the phonebooks in the cellphone and in FMA.

5. Write notes in the computer and save them in the phone: bank account number, passwords, car registration, etc...

6. Activate and edit a profile for your phone on the computer. You can also switch off the cellphone from the computer.

7. Phone keypad (under tools menu): you can take full control of the phone from the computer. For example the cellphone is in the sitting room, you are in the bed room with the computer (if your house is not too big), you can, from the computer, take a picture, and view it in the computer, so you can see on your computer what is going on in the sitting room. For example to see if a visitor is worth your attention.

8. The best now, and this is magic! I had never seen such a thing before, and I don't understand why SE doesn't mention it among the features of T610.
You can control the PC from the phone. Unlike other remote controllers, you have here a menu appearing on your cellphone. You can scroll up and down the menu using the joystick.

-You can move the mouse pointer using the joystick, right and left click, select and click anything. This requires you to look at the computer monitor so you can see where to move the pointer.

With the following features, you can switch off the monitor to save power, since a menu appears on the cellphone.
-You can switch off, hybernate or put on stand by the computer from the phone.
You have a menu on your phone saying "hybernate", "turn off", "stand by". You scroll with the joystick, and press to select.
-You can run and control more than 10 different popular programmes from the cellphone. The most controllable is the popular music and video player "winamp version 2 and 5".
I have several songs and DivX movies in an external 120GB USB harddrive, organised in playlists: frank sinatra, julio iglesias, celine dion, adult movies, action movies, etc...
On the cellphone accessory menu, I select FMA, winamp, select playlist, action movies, I am presented with the list of action movies in my playlist (all this appear on the cellphone!), select "terminator 3", and it starts playing on my 17 inches flat screen computer monitor. The same for music. You can select to turn "shuffle" and "repeat" on and off from the phone.
You can off course play, pause, select previous or next track.
You can change the volume, and see the volume slider move left and right on winamp.

I can control WinDVD, turn subtitles on and off, full screen on and off, select a chapter, change the volume.

With bluetooth, all this can be done while you are not in the same room with the computer. This is real, I am doing it everyday.

I am sure I didn't mention all the nice things one can do with FMA. Visit the FMA forum and learn to merge different scripts. You just need to know how to copy and paste.



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