Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ forum)

If you have some problems using FMA please read the Frequently Asked Questions first. If no go, you could post your question in FMA forums and community will answer soon.

Users Guide (in PDF format by ToddJG)

This document coinins detail about FMA connection setup. It covers all the basic steps necessary to get FMA working.

Newbie Guide (by Lance Wicks)

This document details how to install FMA, get it going and what you can do with it. First visit the site and download the latest version of FMA.

Run the installation package, follow the defaults and let it install. Assuming this goes okay, connect to the serial port of your mobile (typically under Bluetooth Neighbourhood)*.

Menu Guide (by Lance Wicks)

FMA is a opensource software application which allows you to connect to your mobile phone from your PC. This document details the various menu items in FMA, what they do and how to use them**.

* You will need to do this before hand, using your Bluetooth software, I'll try and expand on it at some other point.
** This document was written for/by a Windows 2000 user with a SE T610 and a bluetooth dongle. It also assumes that you have the software installed and working, if not please see the newbie guide.

Scripts Howto (SDK by Zdravko Stoychev, updated by Michal Hruby)

For scripts developers, we have a detailed howto page. It will help you to quickly create FMA external script plug-ins.

Scripts Framework (by Thomas Wittek, updated by Michal Hruby)

Scripts developers can use this framework documentation, which is considered Stable now. If you have a cool script or plan to write one, use cutting edge framework now :)

Delphi Components (SDK required for compiling Fma)

For Delphi 6 developers, which want to contribute to the project we have a set of components required to build the Fma release.

Winamp Howto (by Zdravko Stoychev)

Using Winamp through your phone is simple*, in few steps**:
- Run command regsvr32 "C:\Program Files\Fma\WinampCOMLib.dll" (skip this if you use setup to install Fma, it's done automaticaly, or check the right path to the dll)
- Run Fma, go to Options and select Carpedi3m script, close Options and Edit Script Code from main menu. Make sure WinAmp path and title/version are correct in the script (do this step only once)
- Connect to phone, go to phone Menu->Connections->Accessoires and then FMA, enter WinAmp and see what is offered there :-)

* You could control other applications as Windows Media Player, PowerPoint, WinDVD, etc. Explore FMA menu under accessories for more information.
** If you are using Scripting Framework scripts instead of Carpedi3m, go to Tools->Script Configurator and set up all Winamp settings from there.



FMA 2.0 Stable

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Daily updates might be available via built-in Check For Updates feature only.

FMA 2.1 Beta 4
Download Installer
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This is recommened version for new users.

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FMA SVN repository can be checked out through anonymous SVN.

Automatic Updates
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Always do a backup of your Phone Database before running new FMA release (recommended).