Fma Team
This is the whole FMA crew. Some of the members are not active anymore, but will remain listed here for eternity. Names given in bold are the project administrators. An empty scope field would mean that member is not active at the present time or is retired. Please do not contact team members directly for Bug reports or Feature requests. Such could be posted on our tracker pages at FMA Project website.

Name Role Scope
Warren Chin Ex-Founder  
Cristiano Severini Developer  
Zdravko Stoychev Developer/Designer Website only!
Patrik Nyblom Developer  
Cha Ner Developer  
Jonx Developer  
Karel Quast Developer  
Jin Kim Developer  
Vit Ondruch Developer Calendar Sync/Scripts
ExpertOne Developer Localization
Schnorbsl Developer  
Michal Hruby Developer Code/Scripts
Merijn Bosma Developer  
Lord Larry Developer  
Stefan Jäger Graphic/Other Designer  
Sebastian Graphic/Other Designer/Web Site  
Nupur Sarpal Graphic/Other Designer  
Alex Yeo Graphic/Other Designer/Web Site FMA Logo
Graham Voce Web Designer  
Richard Lawley Tester  
zhouqin Tester  
George Billios Tester  
Lexy Support Forums
Todd JG Support  

:: Donate ::
FMA may be used free of charge, but if you wish to express your appreciation for the time and resources the authors have expended developing and supporting it over the years, and also help defer the costs of things as computers, development software, etcetera which are not free, we do accept and appreciate donations.

Click here to donate using Kagi.

:: Credits ::
Whom we want to say warm "Thank you!". The people which gave us cool ideas, help us, provide feedback, noiseing and fun...

VoSSy, Carl-Magnus, Christian Hans, Guajon Petursson, GOwin, Shaw0, Ju Ming, Mimzo, Arnoldc, Lethal, Laffen, Epedemic, Rog, PananzaMan, Garyd9, Thomas, Mindstormpt, tdjohnston, boocko, Kevin Davison, Carpedi3m, Ultimatex, Vit Ondruch, Oktay Kocaturk, Jamie Todd, Alexander Penev, Boris, Merijn, Schnorbsl, mhr and many others...

:: Banners ::
If you want to put a link to these Fma pages on your web site, please use one of the following banners:


HTML code to use (you may use fmalink1.gif or fmalink2.gif image, whichever you preffer):
<!-- FMA link BEGIN -->
<a href=""><img border="0" src="" alt="FMA" /></a>
<!-- FMA link END -->



FMA 2.0 Stable

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Daily updates might be available via built-in Check For Updates feature only.

FMA 2.1 Beta 4
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This is recommened version for new users.

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FMA SVN repository can be checked out through anonymous SVN.

Automatic Updates
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Always do a backup of your Phone Database before running new FMA release (recommended).